Marcus Washington

Nickname: K Dub

Training Since 2003

Trainer Introduction

Certifications: CSCS, NESTA, NASM (CES), ACE, Performance Enhancement Specialist

Hobbies: Working out, reading,  watching Netflix marathons, studying history, going to church, hanging out with family & friends

Training Philosophy:  My training philosophy is to always assess the client’s biomechanics and identify muscular imbalances. I assess their functional patterns and based on that information, I design the right program for the client to meet their fitness needs.  

Why do you train: I love training and I’m very passionate about helping people. People need training help. There is a growing epidemic; only 10% of Americans are physically active. As an industry professional, it is my job to help as many people as I can. I am able to help more people in a gym setting.

How do you train: I assess the client needs properly. Many people are going to have wants, but the need-base is the most important. As long as the client and I can come to the same understanding, we can work together to address their needs.

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