Maggie Michaud

Training Since 2016

Trainer Introduction

Certifications: NASM-CPT

Hobbies: Running, lifting, playing with my two dogs Archer & Maverick, cooking

Training Philosophy: My philosophy follows the outlook of “look good, feel good, do good”. It encompasses our whole self through the body, mind, and emotions. I apply this when discussing goals, as it helps me focus on how we approach each session. Sometimes it’s strictly being stronger, losing weight, finding that “inner athlete” or a combination of goals. I specialize in strength-training, weight-loss/gain, corrective exercises, and endurance training.

Why do you train: I love the relationships. Everyone has different goals and a different approach to their needs so it’s always great to see that light bulb go off when what we’ve been working on and talking about just “clicks”. Often times I hear, “I can’t” and then they “do”. Seeing clients reach their goals and then ask continue to improve, keeps me inspired as well.

What do you do: I like to incorporate movements used outside of the gym. Everyone is an athlete of some kind, I just tap into their brain to show them. I include strength and conditioning regimens, flexibility/mobility exercises, and cardio. The client’s goals matter most, but I keep it interesting by including “out of the box” exercises into our workouts.

How do you train:  I appeal to what motivates my clients. Most people don’t like repetitive actions, so I work to be innovative and understand their needs. I love to get to know my clients and be a part of their lives, it helps to build that trust so we can grow as a team. If the trust is reciprocal, the success accelerates.

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