Danielle Nommay

Nickname: Dee, Noms

Training Since 2017

Trainer Introduction

Certifications: Schwinn Cycling; working towards NASM

Hobbies: Furniture restoration, photography, and any exercise except for burpees

Training Philosophy: I think that getting to know what motivates your clients, as well as their goals, struggles, and overall personality are so critical.  Not everyone wants to bulk up or slim down; don’t make your own goals that of your client’s.  It’s important as the trainer to be able to assess their limits and setbacks and acknowledge success.  Also, HAVE FUN! Life is too serious.

Why do you train: I had an awesome Spin instructor a few years back that got me hooked on spinning.  She was energetic, funny, had great music, and held us accountable.  The only cardio I enjoyed before that was chasing the ice cream truck (kidding…maybe).  I started creating my own Spin workouts with music I liked, and then one day said “Why am I not certified to do this?”  I love knowing the science behind the workout (muscle engagement) while still having a fun ride.  I decided to pursue my NASM certification when I realized that the best part of almost every day was when I stepped into the gym.  Good day, bad day – a workout was the way to start or end it.  I want my clients to feel the same rush and satisfaction, while staying very focused on their form and areas of improvement.  Fitness is like a relationship – you can’t cheat, skimp, or force it and expect it to last!

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