About Body District

What to expect at the DISTRICT

When we think BODY, we are thinking about more than the physical structure of a person. Our bodies include our flesh, our bones, our organs, and our mind. But, even then, there’s more to the BODY. When we talk BODY we also mean the group. Like a legislative body or a university’s student body, we too are a group of individuals organized for a purpose. Here, a hard-working unit, consistently gathering to add value, to the individual, to the group, and to the community.

The Body District story is about bringing a community of like-minded, results-driven fitness seekers and trainers together – to accomplish good. Because, there’s more to fitness than how we look. Fitness is about a complete life. It’s about ability, purpose, and performance. Fitness is about how we feel and how we create life together. We believe there’s more to being fit than just the body. Complete wellness includes fitness of the mind, spirit, attitude, and includes our community. Our ideal wellness model includes you and us; a collaboration of human spirit and effort, seeking a strength that improves life. Body District is about vibrant life.

Body District is a full-service fitness and wellness facility, with a clean and modern space. Along with an amazing culture, we provide convenient, healthy fitness choices. We offer small and large group classes (both indoor and outdoor), private training, and open gym space for athletes or anyone looking to improve their life at their own pace. Our indoor and outdoor spaces support functional fitness, cardio training, and machine & free weight training. We also offer nutrition support. We encourage you to call or stop by. We’d love to show you what the Body District is all about.

Finally, if you are a personal trainer, we have an energetic trainer community looking to achieve their personal best and help their clients do the same. Perhaps you’d like to join the team. You too are invited to come tour Body District.